Green Army Billybelt woven stretch belt
Green Army Billybelt woven stretch belt
Billybelt pouch

BillyBelt - Woven Stretch Belt - Green Army

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Our BillyBelt range are a high quality woven belt which stretch for ease of fitting. No more straining to find a hole as you can create your own every time as it simply slots through the weave. A mixture of strong elastic and polypropylene with a calfskin leather will ensure a perfect fitting belt for years to come.
Available in two sizes. Each sized belt will stretch for an additional 4 inches, therefore :
Size 1 : suitable for 32-39 inch waist
Size 2 : suitable for 40-47 inch waist
  • Elastic woven belt in green army
  • Multi-hole belt : adapts to all body types
  • Finish : calfskin leather
  • Buckle : zinc alloy
  • Width : 3.2 cm
  • Comes in a BILLYBELT cotton pouch
  • Unisex