NEW BillyBelt range added to our website

We have added a new range of BillyBelt woven stretch belts to our website, including a mix of multicoloured belts.
Azure Blue Billybelt
BillyBelts are the best selling product range on our website. They are a high quality woven belt which stretch for ease of fitting and contain multi holes to adjust for all body types. No more straining to find a hole as you can create your own every time as it simply slots through the weave. A mixture of strong elastic and polypropylene with a calfskin leather ensures a perfect fitting belt for years to come.
The Moscow Billybelt
They are a unisex range with a width of 3.2cm, have a zinc alloy buckle, and are available in two sizes. Each sized belt will stretch for an additional 4 inches. Therefore, size 1 is suitable for 32-39 inch waist and size 2 is suitable for 40-47 inch waist.
The Rotterdam Billybelt
Each comes in a cotton BillyBelt pouch and are a perfect fashion accessory to match with clothing or to simply stand out from the norm. With 22 colours to choose from, there's sure to be a BillyBelt to match your style and personality.
The Tundra Billybelt


Cleaning your BillyBelt : To maintain your belt, we advise you to clean the braid of your belt with a sponge moistened and rubbed with a little soap. You can also use a nourishing cream to preserve the beauty of its leather pieces.

Do not machine wash or dry

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

Do not use chlorine

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