Merry Christmas........and Thank You!

May we wish all our customers a Merry Christmas from all the team here at Birchwood Leather.

This year has been a challenge for everybody. As for ourselves, we usually rely on exhibiting at major outdoor events in which to retail our products. As the entire events season was cancelled we focused solely online in the hope of being able to continue our small business.

Thankfully with government support and steady online trade we’ve been able to ‘ride the storm’ and hopefully, with fingers crossed, 2021 should see the return of some normality and the resumption of the events circuit.

We hope to see our customers again in person next year. In the meantime, THANK YOU for your support, especially to those who purchased from our website and kept us going. Every sale we had was met with excitement, emotion and gratitude in the knowledge you chose to purchase from us, rather than elsewhere.

Stay safe. Enjoy Christmas, and may 2021 bring you best wishes.

The Birchwood Leather website, social media and outdoor events team

Steve, Terry, Veronica, Charlotte, Sam, Callum, Sophie, Ryan and Katie




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