Eureka Olive Leather Trapper Hat



Genuine olive leather trapper hat with ultra soft synthetic fur. Polyester internal lining. Unisex style.

Trapper can be fastened under the chin to provide extra warmth and comfort, or over the head as a fashionable preference.

Hats really are well insulated and provide excellent insulation in cold environments.

Also has decorative ear flaps.

A Birchwood Leather BEST SELLER!!

Buying tip :

Trapper hats don't have to be an exact fit. Should the hat you buy be slightly larger than required then it will still fit, but enable you to snuggle into the hat more. It is just important it isn't too big as to slope down and cover the eyes. The flaps if fastened can be extended or shortened to tighten for comfort.

So if small, consider small or medium. If medium consider medium or large etc.

Small = 55cm

Medium = 57cm

Large = 59cm

XL = 61cm

XXL = 63cm

FREE standard delivery.


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