Birchwood Leather 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt  Without Buckle

100% Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt - Without Buckle

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Birchwood Leather 100% premium vegetable tanned belts are eco friendly and handmade in the UK.

The belts are suitable for buckles with a back bar to allow the belt to be slid through and tightened, compared to the conventional pin system. A notch on the reverse of the buckle will then locate into any belt hole as you tighten the belt to fit. The belts give a more formal look and are designed for those who wish to impress.

With this design, the belt overhang next to the buckle will always be the same length, irrespective of waist size, as the end of the belt with the belt holes are fed into the inside of the belt rather than the outside.

The belt has a width of 38mm (1.5inch) and is available in three sizes to fit from 32" up to 44" waist. For flexibility there is an additional hole either side to allow for another inch either way.

Please note : This belt is WITHOUT the buckle. You can purchase the belt with an exclusive solid brass or nickel plated buckle on our leather belts page.

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Conventional belts are tanned using a chemical process. Vegetable tanned belts however are tanned using natural materials such as tree bark and plants, and as such are eco friendly. They produce a natural leather smell and age well over many years.

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